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McKinney, Texas

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Troy Foster Photography - Dallas Photographer Based in McKinney, Texas.

Family Portrait, Senior Portrait, and Wedding Photography




Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive.  If you have anything new to add to the list, just send us a lovely email or text and we answer the phone too! ;-)


What do we wear?

Most importantly, wear what fits your personality.  You don't have to go buy the whole family new matchy-matchy outfits to make a beautiful picture.  Coordination is the key.  Raid your closets and find colors that work together.  Or pick a similar palette and throw in pops of color.  Of course you can always ask our opinion if you feel completely clueless.  :)


What does a session with you look like from start to finish? 


What makes working with you unique? 


What are the benefits of choosing you versus anyone else? 

What will the experience be like? 


What is your basic pricing?