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Jill + Landon Wedding


Outstanding Dallas photography by Troy Foster Photography.  

Jill + Landon Wedding

Troy Foster

This wedding was nothing short of an adventure.  Upon arriving to the stunning location of Rancho Mirando, we find out it is going to rain.  And by rain I mean pour on and off all day.  The wedding was set outside, and if it kept raining we'd have to move it under cover.  Of course this was not anywhere near the idea Jill and Landon had in mind when they booked a beautiful Texas hill country venue.  So we played the waiting game.  We dodged misty rain throughout the day, then got a chance to take the bride and her bridesmaids out for a few shots. It was pretty clear, then all of a sudden this dark cloud showed up.  Ladies went running, balloons were trailing, dresses were hiked, and there may have been some screaming (maybe it was me...).  We got inside about 3 seconds before the cats and dogs come down.  And it poured. And poured.  It wasn't looking good for an outside wedding.  We had all but decided the wedding would be under the tent.  About 30 minutes before the wedding was to start, the clouds broke and it stopped raining.  Guests had arrived and were waiting in the covered area.  We took a look at the radar, and saw the green completely missing our location.  We said, "let's do this!"  We grabbed a few guests, the wedding planner crew, and any able bodied person to wipe down chairs.  Jill and Landon got married in a lovely outdoor wedding and everyone had a great time at the reception!  It was a stressful yet silver lined (literally) day.  We are so happy the outdoor wedding worked out for Jill & Landon and wish them a great and happy life together!